05 February 2010

5 People To Avoid On Road

Being a motorbike rider for 4+ years, not only it gave me an adrenalin rush at times, it also allows me to meet different types of people on the road. Knowing how aggressive Malaysian drivers are, the experience can be quite thrilling sometimes.

Today, I'm gonna list down 5 types of people I would like to avoid seeing on the road while I'm on my red scoot :


The Fumigators
Imagine having an extra dose of that black hazardous carbon monoxide directly to your nose. To tell you the truth, it’s worse than you can imagine. Forget all your Armani or Dior or whatever branded perfumes you’ve just sprayed earlier in the morning. By the time you reached the office, you’ll be smelling more or less like a burnt chicken!


The Envious
There are just about 1 – 2 feet gap between them & the car in front but yet, that few inches still counts – rather than letting my bike go through. I guess doing that gives them some kind of pleasure & excitement after being stuck on the road for hours. Cant you just be a bit generous? Dont pissed other people’s life….go get urself a bike !


The Suicidal
These are the superheroes of the town. They are either immortal or just too powerful that they dont actually look left & right before crossing the road. There I am riding swiftly on my bike in between of a static cars & suddenly my red scoot will be screeching bcoz of these people. Yes, the cars arent moving but the bikes are, remember?


The Greedy
For these species, one lane is never enuff. The way their driving as if they are behind the wheels of a huge tanker. They’ll be busy driving ON the line rather than being in the lane.


The Ego-Maniac
Well, this is one species you cant get away with in life – they’re practically everywhere! Just over take their bike & their ego button would immediately turned on. It's a total disgrace to them if they didnt over take you back. Some of them might kill themselves rather than living with the thought that a lady over take their bike once.


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