03 February 2010

I Won!

I won ! I won ! And I am so happy. I'm not the lucky type who could easily won something out of a competition. Last week however, was my lucky day that I won something though it's not really huge that I could brag about all day. But then, it still make my day & I'm pretty much contented.

I won myself a Sunday buffet lunch (for 2) at Genji, PJ Hilton ! Yabeda bedooooo ! As it is, I am the greatest fan of Japanese food and as I'm writing this post, the raw salmon's visuals been playing in my mind already. Yummy!

It was just like other normal days at the office - doing my work while listening to Red FM. That particular day, they are having the Food Review On Air Contest where Genji is the subject. Dunno what inspired me that I thought of trying my luck to answer the question of which very straight forward & easy. It's just one sms away & that's how I got it ! Eazy peazy !

Anyway, I've already make a reservation for this Sunday. Good thing Marsya loves Japanese food too. Both of us juat cant wait to be there. I'm sure the food there are great coz free food are always good, isnt it?


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