08 February 2010

Genji @ Hilton PJ

As planned earlier, me & my princess went to Genji @ Hilton PJ for lunch today. We're had our Japanese buffet lunch there - thanks to Red FM for the free vouchers. It's always good getting a free food - especially the expensive ones like Genji. FYI, their buffet lunch is priced @ RM 79/person - quite pricey, I would say.

Genji got its name from ‘Genji No Ma’, or ‘House of Genji’, which was named after a legendary nobleman… known as the shining Genji and famed for his appreciation and great passion for fine food, wine and lifestyle. Quite a name, huh !

A very beautiful setup with lovely interior reminiscent of a Japanese countryside restaurant. That would be my first impression as soon as I entered the restaurant. The restaurant's environment was very pleasant & serene especially with those man-made stream & fountain which makes the atmosphere more tranquil & relaxed.

Well, that's the physical look of the restaurant. Next, comes the most important part of any eating place which is no other than the food itself. I've been to other Japanese buffet restaurants in town like Rakuzen, Jogoya & Saisake and now Genji. Among the four, Saisake by far is still my favourite.

There are a few winning points as to why Saisake had been my choice. Apart from its location (which is just a few levels underneath my office), you'll be spoilt with more choices in Saisake. At Genji, they've limited their selections to Japanese food only, whereas in Saisake their food are more diversified. You can get almost all the popular Japanese cuisine at both places like sushi, teppanyaki, sashimi, teriyaki & tempura. What is special in Saisake is that they also have a lot of other foods apart from those Japanese norms. On top of that, Saisake is much-much more cheaper than Genji but yet their selections are greater.

Marsya was quite disappointed since her favourite lamb shank & steamed cod's fish head are not there. As far as Japanese food is concerned , I'm only interested in sashimi - those raw salmons in particular. Thank God their salmons are fresh......yummy ! Other foods are okay - more or less the same as Saisake in terms of taste & quality. Anyway, Genji's teppanyaki still cant beat Saisake's - or maybe my taste bud is already accustomed to Saisake's standard that I felt theirs are always better.

In summary, we do have a great time there at Genji. If you've never been to Saisake, you wouldnt be as disappointed as me & Marsya then. But as far as Japanese food is concerned, Genji should meet most expectations.


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