27 February 2010

Diva & Glitters

Cafe Cafe - that's where my fab forty dinner was. It's a fine dining restaurant which serves authentic French & Italian cuisines. You dont have to travel hundreds of miles to Champs Elysees coz they have the same ones here in KL.

Cafe Cafe is far from the normal restaurant I've been to. The moment I stepped in, I was like WOWW !! The dim lighting & chandeliers created a very romantic atmosphere. When I looked up, there were these tiny crystal thingy dangling out from the ceiling which looks like twinkles of stars. Hanging on the wall are those Victorian style large drapes. The tables are all well-set with candle light on each one of them. A perfect place for a marriage proposal, I would say.

The Divas

But last night, I was there to celebrate my birthday with 3 of my wonderful friends. Out of 7, only these three can finally made it through. The restaurant is located along Jalan Maharajalela - a very unusual place for a happening restaurant like this. Me & Ain gotta make a few rounds before we managed to find our way - thanks to Andy, the waiter who helped us with the directions.

Look at that lashes? So the very diva !!! Not bad for a first timer like me....not bad at all !

As we find our way to the table where Farrah & Carol have been waiting, I took out my IXUS 860 IS & began clicking it. That went on for at least 10 - 15 minutes & has really gotten on Ain's nerves.....hehhee. I was supposed to look at the menu & select the food that I want. But at that moment, all I'm interested at is getting my pictures taken & snapping the pics of the beautiful setup of the restaurant, which later on we've been told that taking pictures of the place is prohibited. Duuhhhhhh !

What I had last nite.... I missed out the Lemon Sorbet (dessert) tho - it's too good that I've forgotten to take the picture of it.

My scrumptious birthday cake ! So, so, so.......goooooood !

Food was really good and very, very expensive. Both the food & ambiance compliments each other well. Besides the food & place, I was also mesmerized by their hot Nepalese waiter, Neeran. He's so gorgeous & damn good looking and I was literally flirting with him whenever I got the chance. Hehehe...I hope he wont have nightmares tonight being flirted by a 40 years old lady. Well, it's either nightmares or wet dreams since this 40 year old lady is not just any lady but a hot, sizzling woman that would set any man on fire ! Woo hoooo !!!

Mr. & Mrs. Diva......hehehe. Isnt he yummy? Am drooling already...

We indeed had a great time last nite. We chatted, laugh, flirt (that's only me actually) & were the most happening patrons around. There are mostly couples there & they are all Chinese. Our presence there were sort of completing Najib's 1 Malaysia vision.

A toast to health, wealth & good life ! Cheers !!

Remember the DKNY watch I've lost while on my back a couple of months ago? Well, I've got it back & this time it's even better coz it's brand new! Ain & Ija bought it for my birthday present. Aint it marvelous? Love you two gals. Thank you so, so very much.

I wonder what's inside.....OMG !! It's the watch !!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Carol & Farrah for being there with me to celebrate one of the most important event of my life. Thank you Carol & Ain for all the arrangements & planning to make this dinner works. It means the world to me & I hope I will live long enough to celebrate you girls' 40th birthday - which is gonna be Ain's the next time. I would also like to thank everybody for their birthday wishes be it in person, sms and Facebook. They are all very, very much appreciated. ( p/s : Marsya remembered :-) )

Poor Ain......damn the culprit !

Me & Ain thought of having coffee at Alexis after the dinner. But then, a mishap took place where Ain's car window got smashed up. We were surprised to see a handbag lying by the side of the car. Knowing Ain, I thought that was due to her carelessness that she didnt noticed it fell out from her car earlier. Only when she pointed at the window that I realized that her car has been broke in. Anyway, the culprit didnt get anything valuable out of it. Poor Ain....... pitied her so much. But one thing to be grateful for is that, at least they didnt took the whole car away.


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