03 February 2010

Pappa Rich Kopitiam

This is another kopitiam among many others that has been mushrooming everywhere. I've been to this place before once just for a drink. Last weekend I decided to try out their food with my precious. There's one outlet nearby my place ( Taman Shamelin ) & that's where we've decided to have our brunch last Monday.

The area we've been to i.e. Taman Shamelin is more or less a dead place. Being an industrial area, it's quite a deserted place I would say. Most of the shop lots there are left empty & unoccupied. The only reason people were there is either for the schools, warehouse sales or the kopitiam la. I just couldt see any other reason that would attract people to be there. Since that's the case, the environment around the kopitiam is quite serene & relaxing. It's a very quiet place with less people & vehicles which makes it a perfect place to have coffee in the evening.

So, this is what we had that day :

Item : Char Kue Tiaw
Price : RM 8.90
The Verdict : 3 stars over 5 - it's ok, the taste is there but I've tasted a better ones elsewhere

Item : French Fries
Price : RM 3.80
The Verdict : Dont really know hat to comment on fries......fries is fries la. How good or bad can a fries be, right?

Item : Soya Milk Cendol + Cincau
Price : RM 6.90
The Verdict : 4.5 stars over 5. I'm so loving it! The soya milk is pure & thick & the cincau plus gula melaka enhanced it taste even more. Highly recommended.

All and all, it's a place I would like to visit more often. I personally feels that Pappa Rich is much better that Old Town for their wider varieties. They have more selections for almost all categories - the drinks, bread, noodles etc especially the snacks. You'll easily be spoiled with choices. At Old Town, after a few visits there, you wont know what to order anymore.

The only downside to Pappa Rich is their prices. It's a bit on the higher side as compared to other kopitiam. But then, their portion is bigger especially their drinks. So, their prices cant really be the issue for not coming back to this place. As for me & Marsya, we would certainly come back to try out all other menus of theirs.


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