14 February 2010

Makan2 @ Kuantan

My blog has been deserted for the past few days, I know. Well, I'm still here on planet earth, alive & breathing. In fact, I've been very-very well for the past few days. Had enuff sleep, enuff rest & more than enuff food. Oh yessss......been eating & eating and the best things is - it's all good food.

There's this syndrome that would always attacked my immune system whenever I'm in Kuantan. It'll paralyzed my whole body system which would pinned me down to the bed or sofa or whatever I'm comfortable on, all day long. I'd be one big, fat python who would only sleep and eat - nothing else but these two.....hehehe. Ain't life great?

Anyway since eating & food have been the main agenda for me in Kuantan, then I would write on the same subject too. This morning my family had breakfast at my parents' favourite spot. I've heard of this place before but havent really got the chance to try out their food. Didnt have that much of luck & time during my previous visits to Kuantan that stopped me from going there.

The restaurant is called Kemira. Nothing so fancy about this place except for their variety of food. It is actually a Kopitiam owned by a Chinese Uncle which operates the beverages stall and out sourced other stalls to some Malay Makciks. If you're coming from Kuantan town heading to KL, Kemira is situated on the left hand side of the road just opposite the TUDM airbase, the 10th mile of Jalan Gambang. It's just a few meters after the infamous Restoran Zaman. Once you've reached Restoran Zaman (which you'll hardly missed due to the big crowd of people), slowed down till you've reached another crowded place not so far ahead.

Kemira is popular for their Nasi Kerabu in which they have 2 choices - beef or chicken. Other than Nasi Kerabu, they too have other tasty & delicious food like Nasi Dagang (my dad's fave), Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Lemak, Laksam, Curry Mee & variety of kuih. You'll be so confused with so many choices of food in front of your eyes.

I've tried their Laksam & the taste is just right for me. The laksam is not too thick & floury like most laksam I've tasted (in KL especially) & most importantly, the gravy is thick with fish meat. Laksm is not a laksam if the gravy does not contain enough fish meat & thick coconut milk. These two are the backbone for a good laksam & here in Kemira, those specs are well met.

I intent to stop by once again on my way back to KL. The next time around, maybe I'll try their famous Nasi Kerabu.


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