17 February 2010

The Steps of Batu Caves

Dunno what happen to me but I've been very, very lazy to update my blog. Gotten a few complaints from my so-called fans already. Luckily, there's no death threat.......yet. It started with the CNY holiday la....you know, when you're holidaying, your system suddenly shuts down. Your active brain would just take a halt & remain dormant that it need a few days of recovery process. However, this time around my recovery process went a bit too long that expected .....hehehe. It has become some sort like a disease which infected my whole system that it needs more than a few days to get immune system back & running.

I am now trying very hard to get back on track. Have a few things to blog about - all I need now is some motivation to start. Apart from being infected with the lazy-syndrome, I've also been quite busy attending to my precious Marsya since she's having a week off from school due to CNY. And being her, she's one demanding child, that's for sure.

As planned, I took Marsya for a visit to Batu Caves. My SIL, Noriah & kids tagged along with us. The last time I've been there was about 30 years ago i.e with my dad's school visit. There's nothing much there, I agree. But since it's one of the tourist attractions here in Malaysia, I guess it's no harm taking Marsya there. At least, if her friends or teachers mention about the place, she can tell them she've been there.

Visiting Batu Caves at the age of 10 and doing it at the of 40 really gives you a different perspective. When I was there 30 years ago, the steps looked so long, like a never-ending path it seems. But recently when I was there, I'm quite surprised as it doesnt looked that long anymore. It has somehow "shrunken". The steps are much shorter now.

As far as Batu Caves is concerned, it's all about the steps. It's those steps that makes it one of the touristy place in Malaysia. It's those steps too that attracts thousands (or millions? ) of people all over the world to Batu Caves. Anyway besides the steps, another significant view is that humongous golden statue just at the bottom of the steps. FYI, this statue has been doted the tallest Murugan statue in the world.

We managed to climb all 279 steps with no difficulties. The only drawback, to me personally, are those wild monkeys at the steps. I've always been afraid to monkeys no matter how friendly they can be. These species could really scare the shit out of me. My eyes would be rolling very fast from one side to the other side of the stairs, catching the sight of the monkeys. Quite scary though, come to think of it.

That's about it for Batu Caves. As I said before, it's nothing so special about it - just a place someone can visit so that when people talked about it, you knew you've been there.


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