02 February 2010

A Weekend of Relaxation

Hello there readers.....missed me? Hehehe.......sekali-sekala kan, kasi la can Red Scoot perasan sket....

Anyway, the past 3 days have been really great for me - lots n lots of relaxing & eating too. Yesterday's being the public holiday for Federal Territory Day, gave an extra day to the weekend which is just awesome after a tiring week due to the training. So, this long weekend is something I've really looked forward to.

So, what did I do the entire weekend? What else but to laze around on the sofa with lots n lots of food & drinks on the side table, not forgetting the laptop equipped with broadband, so as to get connected with the outer world....hehehe. It's one movie after another - trying my utmost to finish my long list of movie collections.

Some of them are okay like Enchanted ( I know....I know.....I'm so outdated ) & The Women (if I were Meg Ryan, dont think I could ever forgive my husband....huhuhu ) and there are also those not so okay ones like Dorian Gray ( too many sex scenes, makes me feel nauseated ) and New York I Love You ( very disappointing since it was highly rated - fell asleep half way through...duhhhh ). Those are the movies I've watched during the 3 days plus half way of the Princess & The Frog movie since I've fallen asleep too - dont really fancy cartoons that much actually.

The whole of Sunday morning, I watched Friends on Astro. This is one sitcom I've never get myself tired or bored watching. I could watched it over & over again & still had a good laughs. I loved Friends very, very much. Every season & every episode seems to be my fave. No other sitcom can match this particular ones. They're simply funny & entertaining ! Awesome !

On Monday morning, myself & Marsya had a late breakfast at Pappa Rich. It's the first encounter for Marsya & she loved it so much. The review on this restaurant would be the title for my entry tomorrow. Both me & Marsya enjoyed our breakfast very much that morning.

Last but not least, I've already bought Sophie Kinsella's latest book, Twenties Girl. The paperback edition is finally here....yippie ! Bought it for RM34.50 as compared to RM 79.90 when it is first launched to the market. Just cant wait to finish it. The last book I've read was all the 4 Twilight Saga & that was quite some time ago already.

So, that's how relaxing my life's been for the past 3 days. How I'd wish everyday is a weekend - but then I'll run out of movies to watch, isnt it? Anyway, too much of everything could bring more harm than good, right? Let's all be grateful with the good life we've being blessed with. The next public holiday would be in 2 weeks time i.e. for the Chinese New Year. This one is even better as it's gonna be one whole week of rest & relaxing (since I intent to take extra leaves). I am so loving it. Let's start counting the days.........


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