12 February 2010


It's such a wonderful day today. Not only bcoz it's Friday but also due to the news I've got this morning from our VP. He's giving us a half day off today in lieu with the CNY....yippie !!! I was really hoping for this to happen as I dont wanna get myslef stuck in Karak Highway later. Yes, I'm going back to my lovable hometown, Kuantan after work today and as usual, I am already so excited.

Speaking of holidays, I've lined up a few plans for me & my precious this year. Nothing so hu-hah - just a few inbound places I've never been to before. Though Malaysia is not that huge but there are still some places I've never set my foot on. Come to think of it, we, Malaysians are much, much more luckier as compared to the Singaporean where they can finish exploring every inch of their country in just one day ( Singaporeans out there, no offense ok....peace ).

Just to share it with you, here are the places I have in mind :

1. Batu Caves - am going here next week with Marsya & a few others. It was 30 years ago since the last time I visited the place. As for my girl, she has never been here before & I thought it might be a good idea to take her there. I'm sure after 30 years, there will be a lot of difference to the place now.

2. Ipoh - this may sound absurd since I've been to Ipoh a number of time already but all those trips were made via a car. My plan this time is going to Ipoh by train since I've never ever take a train before in my 39++ years of age. Well, I've been on a train look-a-like before like those LRT, ERL, Monorail & such but not on that particluar conventional choo choo train. Have always wanted to try it at least once & I guess Ipoh is just the right destination. I could then stop by at the town for that delicious Mee Rebus Ramli ( am already salivating while writing this).

3. Fraser's Hill - though I'm from Pahang, I've never been to this part of the state yet. From what I've heard, visiting this place makes you feel like being in the overseas due to its cold weather but that was then. I'm sure it's not that cold anymore nowadays - but still, it's one of my travle destination this year.

4. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary - this place is located somewhere in Raub. From their website, it sounds quite a cool place. You've got the chance to get close and personal with the elephants - scary with a touch of fun though. Here's the website for those who are interested to find out the details about this place : Elephant Sanctuary

5. Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi - been here once somewhere last year. Love those beautiful French-like buildings. My camera was running out of battery when I was there last time. So, couldnt snap as many pictures as I want to, which really frustrates me. And becoz of that, I have to go back to this place to deal with my unfinished business.

6. Janda Baik - I passed by this area every time I went back to my hometown but it never really occurred to me to actually stop & check out the place. From the reviews I've read, it is quite a cool place for relaxing & getting in touch with the nature. Being remotely located, it provides a tranquil & serene atmosphere we, KL people in needs of.

7. Gua Tempurung - I've been planning to explore this lovely cave since last year with my colleagues but till today, it hasnt been materialized. It is a beautiful cave & the tour they're having for the visitors is quite interesting. It is such a big waste for not experiencing it when it is just right there in front of our eyes. Anyway, I will try to make it happen this year. This cave gonna see me & my friends crawling in them for sure !

So, that's it. At this point of time, I'm just gonna stick to these seven destinations only. It's better to be realistic rather than greedy. So, if anyone of you out there would like to join these 2 hot & sizzling babes exploring these places, please let me know. We'll make it a "rombongan" if we have to. It'll definitely gonna be twice as fun with more people around, isnt it?


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