26 February 2010

Diva In The Making

My frens planned a birthday bash for me tonite to celebrate my 40th year of existence in this world. They've been planning this for weeks & keeping the venue as a secret from me. Only last Monday they told me that the theme for the party is Diva & Glitter. Wow! I like.......it is soooo me for I'm a diva & I love glitters !

Fortunately, today on my birthday is a public holiday for the Maulidur Rasul. So, I took this great opportunity to scout for my complete D&G (Diva & Glitter) attire. I'm the birthday girl and therefore I'm supposed to be the diva-est & glitterest among all, kan?

I've decided that Sg. Wang Plaza would be the best place as far as D&G is concerned. And I'm glad, I've made the right decision. Sg. Wang Plaza is indeed THE place. I havent been there for quite some time & I'm quite surprised that the place has changed. They have more shops at their Lower Ground level and the prices here are much cheaper now. They now have the RM15 and RM 25 shops where everything are sold at that price. And mind you, these are not those cokia or cepalang items - they are all quite good & they even have bling-bling clothes. Imagine, a short dress full with bling-blings cost only RM15! Amazing, huh ?

For those who are looking for clothes with glitters & glamours, Sg Wang Plaza is indeed the place to go. I was there from 10.30 am till 4 pm scouting for my stuff. 61/2 hours of walking and no eating...not even drinking! I'm so excited in getting myself dressed up tonite that I just cant stop till I've got everything covered - from top to toe.

So, here's what I've end up with :

My glitteraty tops.....feewwiitttt!!

My bling bling shoes

My diva belt - full with bling bling

My diva watch - look at those stones...arent they cool?

My bangle - so hip & trendy !

My "stardust" shiny scarf

My faked eyelashes to enhance my already sizzling hot looks

So if you put all the above together, what would you get?

A DIVA !!!!


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