25 February 2010

Thank You

I received an e-mail from my dear friend this evening telling me that she wrote about me in her blog today. Below is an excerpt from her blog :

A very beary good fren of mine is turning the big 4 0 tomorrow.

It happens to Prophet Mohammed's b'day as well. But this fren of mine is a little daydreamer. She is daydreaming that the whole nation is on holiday celebrating her birthday. Anyway everyone has their own right to daydream on their birthdays.

As far from what i have observed, she is an excellent person to be with. A very open-minded , loving, down to earth, good fashion sense, terrific tudung collection and not forgetting everything has to match. I think she is the only person i know who has the most shoes and bags in her collection.

She needs Mr. Big to give her, her own set of walk-in closet. So far there has been no eligible bachelor that fits into her Mr. Big's shoes. Dont get me wrong here, she has her fair share of admirers but seriously, none who is really worth her value.

I know many including me who wish her Mr Right aka Mr Big aka Cullen aka Shah Rukh Khan aka god only knows how many more, would jus come straight knocking at her door in Pandan Indah and sweep her off her feet...... read more

I just cant stop my tears from flowing after reading it. I wasnt crying anymore.....I was weeping. It's just so super duper sweet. The best birthday present so far. To my BFF, thank you so much for lighten up my day.

I've been feeling a bit blue these few days thinking of me celebrating my 40th birthday alone. Marsya's gonna be with her dad this week since she's been with me most of the days last week. At the same time, I'm worried that she might forgotten my birthday tomorrow since she never mention about it at all. She set reminders in her phone for her friends birthday but none for me. It just makes me wonder whether she actually remembers it. Anyway, i cant expect much from a 10 year old girl right? But honestly, I really hope she remembers.......


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