25 September 2009

If You Could See Me Now

I enjoyed reading Cecilia's other book (Where Rainbows End) very much that makes me decided to try this one. Unfortunately, If You Could See Me Now is way beyond my expectation. If it's not because of the excessive free time I'm having due to the recent accident, I dont think I would be able to finish the book in less than a week. To my opinion, this particular ones is worse than PS I Love You. Maybe it's not my kindof book....not really my cup of tea.

The story is about an adult having an imaginary friend......freaky isnt it? This adult is a 35 year old interior designer, Elizabeth Egan who is an uptight woman and an adoptive mother to her six-year-old nephew, Luke, whose mother, Elizabeth's 23-year-old sister, Saoirse, prefers boozing to parenting. Elizabeth's childhood is a nightmare since her mum abandoned her & her dad when she was still a kid.

I just cant digest the part that an adult could possibly have an imaginary friend. Maybe it's just me since I'm never a superstitious kindof person. It's way too far from reality which makes it so difficult for me to enjoy it.


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