09 September 2009

Thanks Celcom !

I received a mail from Celcom today which consist of RM20 Petronas vouchers. It's a small token from Celcom to show their appreciation to their customers. Not bad......not bad at all considering that I've only being their customer for less than a year ! It is such a pleasant surprise even though it's just for RM20.As compared to Maxis where I've been loyal for a few years but I've got nothing in return...hampesss !

Frankly, i dont actually know which is better between these two operators. Firstly, they have so many different plans / packages - I dont even know which one suits me best. Secondly, their plans are always changing. If you're talking to the Celcom salesman, then Celcom is definitely the better choice. But then, when the Maxis salesman explain their products, suddenly Maxis is the one! How meh ???

Anyhow, I'll just stick to Celcom for now. With less than a year of subscription, I've been given a RM20 vouchers, who knows after several years I'll get a much better reward, isnt it? Insyallah, mudah-mudahan.......


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