05 September 2009

Quick Tips For A Sexy Abs

Earlier while browsing the net, I found something really interesting which I would like to share with you gals out there. Maybe some of you have already known about this but then akak ni memang slow sket.......am always boarding on the last train....ghehehe.

Wokeh, those who wants a flat & sexy abs but too lazy to move up your butt, this is so far the easiest way to achieve it.

Pull your stomach in and up. Just like what you do when you’re zipping a pair of too tight jeans. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Do this at random times throughout the day. You can even do it while sitting in front of your computer ( m doing it now while writing this...hehehe ). One of these simple suck-in moves is the equivalent of a sit-up, so if you do it regularly, you’ll see results fast! Cool huh ?

This sit up thingy by the way reminds me of my so-so fren ( not even my so-so fren, actually ) who claims that she did it everyday & that's why "fat is never in her dictionary" - that famous quote of her! Eksyen tahap gaban tuhhh !!! Puuhhhhhleaseeeeee.........makes me wanna puke !!! Anyway, let's not crowd my not-too-big blog space with stories of her....it's just not worth it.

So gals, I guess the most appropriate time to put this exercise in practice would be after raya la kot. Sebab bulan2 pose ni, tak exercise pun our abs dah flat kan? Hahahaha.......


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