05 September 2009

Ramadhan, The 15th Day

Time really flies....tup tup it's the 15th day of puasa already. Rasa macam baru je semalam akak kat Kuantan makan bubur lambuk on the 1st day of puasa itu hari. Dalam kesibukan dan kekalutan kat opis tu, it has been 2 weeks dah pun.....hhhmmmmm.

Went to the market this morning, mana lagi kalau tak Pasar Pudu - my forever favourite wet market. Senang kat situ - segala mak bapak ada, murah pulak tu. Tak payah nak singgah2 kat tempat lain mencarik bahan yg tak cukup. Pendekata, siapkan duit je lah. There's only one thing most people didnt prefer this market - it's a bit dirty with lots of water puddle here and there. But then, it's worth going if you compare the price & quality of goods you bought at those dry & clean supermarkets. Biasalah....you win some, you lose some. At least harini panas, tak macam last week when it rains......so becak you !!

Balik dari pasar tadi, lalu kat depan pokok2 bunga akak yg hidup segan mati tak mau tu. Tiap kali akak pass by those plants, hati mesti berdetik.......harini nak kena membaja pokok lah. Been having that thought for God knows how many weeks already. Baja dah mcm2 jenis baca dah beli.......organik lah, kompos lah, liquid la.....aduiiihhhhhh ! & speaking of baja, baru teringat, baja taik kambing yg beli kat Pasar Tani kat Kuantan 2 weeks ago, still ada dlm boot keta......tak bawak2 naik lagi pun......huhuhu. Ya Allah...berikan lah aku kekuatan melawan penyakit M nih! Aminnnnn !

On my scooter coming back from the market this morning, I thought of dropping by @ Jamie's house later in the afternoon. I have something that belongs to her which I've been wanting to return for the past few months...yes months, not days, not weeks ! Jamie......if you're reading this, ya ampunnnnn !!! It's half past 2 now & I'm still here writing this entry, with so, so much more things outstanding : dun even have my bath yet.....havent mop my dirty kitchen.....havent sweep the floor......havent water my plants (let alone fertilizing them).......havent make-up my bed.....and yet i can still blog....sigh. Seriously, I dont think I cud make it to Jamie's house today....maybe I should re-schedule it for tomorrow then, Insyallah.

Ini lah padahnya kalau dah melekat ngan notebook ni. It started with checking my fren's status in FB. Then one thing lead to another ....and for all I know, I'm now writing this entry ( while watching Marsya practising her so-called moonwalk dance......you go gurl !! ). This has always been the case for me - torn apart between responsibility & pleasure.

Ok then, with the amount of work waiting for me, I think I'd better stop here. Too many things to do, yet too little time.

Anyway, selamat berbuka puasa to all......

p/s BTW, menu berbuka pose akak harini : Sambal Berapi Sardin, Ayam Goreng Kunyit & Bayam Goreng. Kira okay lah ni kan ?


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