04 September 2009

Such A Hectic Week

I have been super busy this whole week.....the nonexistence of any new entries from me well explained the situation I'm currently in. I so wanna blog, really....I could hear my blog calling out for my name every now and then....begging and pleading very hard for me to write a word or two..... but what can I do.... both of my hands are tied.

It has been a very demanding week for me - as an employee as well as a mother. One of my colleague is currently on a maternity leave & I am responsible to take over her load during her absence. I cant remember the last time I've been this busy....I mean, continuously busy for 5 consecutive days ! Not a single moment that allows me to either blogging or even FB-ing.....huhuhu.

Due to the fasting month, all muslim employees in my office are allowed to leave 1 hour earlier. Sounds fair, isn't it. Sadly, after 2 weeks of fasting, only for 2 days I managed to flee back @ 4.30 pm. As for the rest of the days, it's so depressing. The earliest would be 5.30 pm and the latest is 6.15 pm. By the time I reached home, I'll have to transform myself to a superwoman as I only got an hour or so to prepare the buka puasa dishes.

Betapa berat mata anda membaca...berat lagi bahu akak yang memikulnya.......huhuhu. I think once my colleague is back from her maternity leave, I ought to celebrate it.....I need a long vacation to compensate all those stressful days during that 2 dreadful months !


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