26 September 2009

Patin Temerloh

On my way back to KL today, I decided to stop by at Temerloh a.k.a Bandar Ikan Patin. Reason being, no other for it's fresh & juicy Patin fish. During the old times, before the existence of the East Coast Highway, I never failed to stop by at this town for the fish. Being a fish lover, Patin is definitely one of my fave.

I know we can get Patin everywhere else especially in KL where everything can be bought with money. However, Patin fish that came from this small town is really different & special as far as the taste is concerned. Those Patin obtained elsewhere were bred in the lakes or large pools where the water does not run. This has indeed affected the taste of the fish.... a lot ! The fish will end up tasted like mud & I really hate it. To those who never tasted Patin Temerloh wouldnt know the difference. As for me, it's one great deal.

In Temerloh, the Patin are bred in a special breeding cages at the Pahang riverbanks where the water flows through it all the time. However, the best Patin would be the wild ones caught from the river and the price can go as high as RM100 per kg ! So, far I havent got the opportunity to taste this particular ones. Some of the restaurants around the town would claimed that they served those wild Patins but how on earth can we determine the truth. For all you know, it's the caged Patin & you'll end up paying a hefty price for it !

This is how the breeding cages looks like

I cant remember the last time I had Patin Temerloh. Having that in my thought makes me take the Temerloh exit instead of heading straight to KL. All this time, I only bought those dead fish sold by the roadside. This time around, I was so lucky to discover about this place which sells fresh, live Patin. Thanks to Chu for that !

One of the 2 said aquarium

If you're coming from Kuantan, using the old road, after the bridge (over Pahang river), there'll be a food court on your left hand side. Take the left turn right after the food court & head all the way to Triang. About 1.5 km from that turn, you'll find this place on your left where they have 2 big aquariums in front of the shop. The shop is located just by the Pahang river.

This is it.....the fish itself !

Those 2 aquariums housed a few types of other fresh water fishes like Lampam, Tilapia,& Jelawat. The Patin that I bought were sold at RM14 per kg. I bought 2 medium sized Patin for RM21. Cant wait to cook them & enjoy the smoothness & sweetness of the flesh.....it's to die for !


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