07 September 2009

Sleepy Monday

OMG....I dunno how many times have I been yawning this morning. Am so damn sleepy ! Come, let's do some analysis of this catastrophe. What have been the caused of this excessive sleepiness I'm having right now ?

Sleepiness is often caused by inadequate of sleep. So, do I get enuff sleep last nite? Hhmmm......not really I supposed. My usual bed time is @ 10.00 pm the latest. But last nite, I was quite busy cleaning up the house that I've exceeded my usual timing....... rugi, rugi! Akak biar tak cukup makan....jangan tak cukup tidur. Kalo tak cukup tido tu, rasa ralat sesangat2 nyer. Sleeping can never failed to give me the ultimate pressure & satisfaction - it's 10 times better than having sex !

Anyway, it's not really fair to put the blame solely on my lack of sleep. It's actually Monday lah.... My boss is on a half day leave today ( why cant he go on a full day leave....why la???? ). So, this morning I have a lil bit more room to breathe. Not that i dont have work to do...ada sangat yg benor nyer. But then, the atmosphere tend to get a bit comfy when the cat is not around. On top of that, all of the valves that I need to size are the problematic ones....urrgghhhhh !! So, monday + no boss + problematic valves = excessive sleepiness ! Tulunnnn !!!!

You know, when you are really sleepy & you cant sleep, that's the most torturous experience you'll encountered. You'll suddenly got this headache at the top of your head for trying very hard to keep your eyes open. You'll be so miserable you cant even laugh to the funniest joke. Your brain will stop working, and so are your other senses. Your body systems will be paralyzed. In other word, you're like a living dead ! And that's exactly what I'm suffering right now.

I've actually came across this article in the net regarding excessive daytime sleepiness, which is quite scary actually. This is what it says :

The new study found that people who suffered from "significant dozing" — those who almost always fell asleep involuntarily during the day — were 4.5 times more likely to have a stroke than people in the "no dozing" group. The association between sleepiness and stroke was dose-dependent: the sleepier the person, the higher the risk of stroke. People in the "some dozing" group, who sometimes, but not always, fell asleep while watching TV or while sitting quietly after lunch, had a 2.6 higher risk of stroke than their more alert peers.

So, if you're falling asleep every single day watching television or when you try to read a book, that might be something serious. It's good to bring it up the next time you see your physician.


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