16 September 2009

As Dead As The Internet

Today had been the worst day of my entire working life ! The internet is down – how worse than that can it be? That would means, no YM, no FB, no surfing, & worst of all…no blogging ! Internet has becoming so increasingly important in my life nowadays that my days felt so incomplete without it. It’s like having your food without salt – so bland & dull.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be browsing the net all day long if the line is up. It’s just that you know it’s there when you need them. The thought that I would be able to surf / chat / blog whenever I want is enuff to make me alive. I need to get connected to the internet every now & then while working. It’s something like re-charging my battery. Otherwise I’ll be so dead.

To make it worse, my boss is in a meeting the whole morning. Meaning that there will be no disturbance whatsoever from him at least for a few hours. Things always didn’t turn out as planned, isn’t it? When I have all the time to blog, the internet suddenly went dead. Life is forever unfair.

No internet & no boss. That leaves me with only one option that is to work. Again, it’s another problem for me. When the boss is not around, the drive to work just vanished….zap! My system shuts down automatically & it certainly wont be that easy to get it back in running. Not that I don’t have work to do…..in fact I have 2 date lines to meet by end of the day. It’s just too difficult to work knowing that nobody would be breathing behind your neck, checking on you every now & then.

I guessed you can imagine how stressful & tensed my life is today. Cant surf….cant work ….cant nothing – which makes my eyes heavier & heavier as the time passed by. It’s like a pile of bricks has been placed onto my eyelids. How I’d wished I could just crawl into that store room behind me & doze off. That would certainly recharged the dying battery in my body !


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