08 September 2009

My Latest Obsession

Apparently this is my latest obsession......Kinder Bueno! Kindof strange as it comes from somebody who dont actually likes chocolate. I'm not like most of the gals out there who loves chocolate very much. I've never been a chocolate lover ever since I was small. Maybe because I dont get to eat that much of choc. then that makes me in favor of it.

I can be very selective when it comes to chocolate. There are only a few of them that I like - Crispy & Ferrero Rocher. But that doesnt mean I can eat lots of them. The most is a piece of each. More than that makes me feel vomitish already. Lahaiiii....Kg Dot Com betulll !!!

My obsession for this Kinder Bueno started over the weekend when I was doing some groceries shopping at Tesco. These supermarkets are very smart in organizing their products. All supermarket, I'm very sure ALL of them actually placed the sweets, gums & chocolate just beside the cashier counter. So while queuing up to pay, your little ones will surely get drawn to these sweet stuffs.

The same exact thing happened to me (mind you, it's not the first time! ) that day. Marsya saw this Kinder Bueno & she wants it. Not only that, she also did some free promotions on the products. She was explaining to me how nice this particular chocolate is and that I should try it.

Surprisingly, it is indeed very nice. Basically it is a formed, crisp shell filled with a creamy, milky hazelnut paste and covered in a sweet and melty milk chocolate. It is so nice, I've actually bought another 4 bars the next day........hehehehe. I've also discovered that this Kinder Bueno is actually manufactured by Ferrero - the same Italian company that produces Ferrero Rocher chocolates. No wonder la.......

Well, looks like the Italian chocolate is as yummy as their men !


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