11 September 2009

Raya Songs....y so sad meh?

Yesterday in between doing my work at the office, I've downloaded all of my favourite raya songs which I would like to hear. Dengan susah payah akak mengdonlod lagu2 nih......di tengah2 kemelut bebanan kerja yang maha berat semenjak dua menjak ni. I actually have all the songs already last year but I just couldnt find that bloody CD in which i've burnt all the songs into......uurgghhhh. Abis semua tempat akak dah kelebek, hatta dalam peti ais sekali pun....manalah tau kot2 maid indon akak terkonpius between radio ngan peti ais kan?

This morning I've decided to listen to those raya songs rather than turning on Fly FM like I normally do. Upon hearing those songs I noticed that 80% of the raya songs are sad song,s in terms of melody & lyrics. Makes me wonder why is that so.....huhhhh??? If you listen to Christmas songs, they are all happy songs. Songs that put sunshine to your face. Songs that would makes you wanna at least tap your fingers to it.

In my opinion, raya songs should be the same way too. Hari Raya is a day of celebration and not the day to mourn. It's a day everybody is looking forward to after the 30 days of fasting. The only day when you can gather most if not all, of your family members together. the day where you can meet up your relatives and friends. In short, it's a happy day! So, why the heck we have so many sad songs for raya then?

Apparently, my favourite raya song is also a sad song....kuang kuang kuang. Cakap tak serupa bikin...hehehe. It's that song by Aishah called Pulanglah. Love this song so much!
Bila dengar lagu ni sayu jer rasa....huhuhu.


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