08 September 2009


Harini akak MC - that explains the sudden increase of new blog entries for today....hehehehe. Yelah kan, kot ye sakit takkan nak melepek cam kain buruk all day long kan? Sakit tu sakit jugak.....blog harus tetap productive.....tak gitu?

Akak bukan sakit apa pun - just a cold. But then with the current H1N1 epidemic, it's better to be cautious kan. It's good to stay home rather than infecting everybody else in the office & I'm sure my colleague wouldnt want me to be presence as well.

It started yesterday with my normal sneezing due to my sinusitis. However, it gets worsen towards the evening. Normally when this happens, all I need to do to stop those sneezing from prolonging is to swallow my magic pill, Clarinase. But then, since I'm fasting obviously that is not possible. Tu yang terus melarat tuh. Sampai nak bukak mata pun dah payah....dok asik terbersin memanjang.

I dun know about other people but for me, when my sinus starts attacking me it can get really bad. First the non-stop sneezing. I can sneeze 6 - 7 times in a row, repeatedly for a few times in a day. After the sneezings, my body will start to sweat. My eyes starts to itch till I feel like taking them out of my head. Then, my heart started to beat faster than normal. Dunno what kindof sinusitis I'm having but it is that bad. Normally, a tablet of Clarinase helps to stop all these symptoms.

I've been told by a doctor before that sinusitis is not a viral kindof cold. It is more to an allergic reactions. These allergic differs between individuals. Some might get it if they had seafood or even egg. As for me, dust will affect me the most. Apart from the dust, coldness makes me sick too. I remembered one time I had to jog in my hotel room in the wee hours just to heat up my body as the aircond is too cold for me ! What an experience, huh?

After I came to know about Clarinase, these pills will always be in my handbag. This sinusitis can attack out of a sudden. And if it does, at least I've got nothing to worry with my Clarinase in my hand. Kalau tidak, saper yang susah? Akak jugakkkkk !!!! So to those who are also suffering from sinusitis like me, go for Clarinase. It is so far the most effective medication.


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