14 September 2009

The Baking Project

Harini, akak, Ain & Ija dah plan nak buat kuih raya. It all started a few days ago when I told these 2 makciks that Marsya has a craving for that Greenlace Cookies that I made for raya last year. That very same cookies is also Aidan's (Ain's son) fave. So, it was Ain's idea lah ni - to make this cookies together-gether at my place.

As planned, Ain fetched me up early this morning to buy all the necessary ingredients for the cookies. Then we headed straight to the infamous Lorong Haji Taib for that bakery shop, Bake With Yen. It was 15 mins to 9 when we reached the place. By looking at the crowd waiting outside the shop, nobody would have guessed it's a bakery shop. Memang happening giler.....it's like a scene in front of a cinema on it's first day of a box-office premier show. Even Ain was shocked & cant believe her own eyes.

At 9 am sharp, the door was opened & a flock of people were swarming in front of the entrance, reaching for the shopping basket & squeezing themselves in. It is definitely not a place for the weak ones. Only the ruthless with a strong determination will make it through....alive ! For those who has never experienced such a scenario should dropped by & give yourself a taste of unintentionally brutality. It's such an experience you'll never forget, isnt it Ain? Hehehe.....

This is how packed the place is !

After an enormous hardship and patience, both of us managed to complete our shopping list....phewww !!!! We're still in one piece & alive......thank God !!! Similar to the previous years, a trip to this place would always brought your attention to an unbearable & annoying atmosphere. When Lorong Hj Taib is mentioned, if not all most of the people would know what kindof place it would be.

For those who are really, really, really naive or in short, blur ( duhhhhhhh..... ), this is where the community of Mak Nyah or bapoks are. Kat sini lah spesis-spesis terlampau ni gigih "berniaga"......hatta di bulan2 posa ni pun ! Gigih sungguh mereka mencari rezeki......save duit nak beli kebaya blink2 la gamak nya ! It's so pukable looking at those bapok pencen hanging around the area waiting for their hadap customers.

The picture of one bapok @ work - taken about 10m away......takutttt !

Once we reached home, the project was executed immediately. Ain suggested that we changed the cookie mould this time. It was a square before - and now it's like a shape of a leaf. Adventurous sungguh kita org nih. Eventually, it was a very wrong decision made. That particular mould apparently lagged the whole baking process. Punya lah time consuming menerap kuih ni. Ija pulak tetiba call kata dtg lambat - ada family emergency.

Gaya mesti mau!

Memang tak cukup tangan lah kita orang berdua ni...mana nak mencanai doh lagi, nak menerap lagi, nak membakar, nak drizzle white choc........haru biru you !!! Berkilo2 la kita org menyumpah Ija masa tu......sorry la Ija, nasib ko lah kan.......being the traitor among the us. Jangan mare...... Ija finally arrived @ 3 pm dengan imej ustazah nya.......hehehe. Ain nearly flipped seeing her in that long black tudung !

We managed to finish the whole thing by 4.45 pm....itu pun sebab the 2nd round tu tukar acuan. Last2 pakai acuan yg square tu jugak.....baru lah keadaan terkawal akit lepas tu. Dapat lah 1 balang setengah sorang......bak kata Ain, macam tak berbaloi jer bangun kol 7.30 pagi sampai kol 5 ptg dapat banyak tu je kuihnya.......ahaks ! Anyway, we really had fun that day. It's worth all the effort. Thanks so much girls for the quality time spent!


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