18 September 2009

Balik Kampung

Harini half day keja sebab ptg ni nak shoot off to Kuantan for raya.....yey yey yey ! Didnt know that school will be closed today, otherwise I'll be in Kuantan already by this morning. Sekolah ni pun satu.......it's only the day before yesterday they announced Friday as a holiday.... ~ sigh ~

When I was small, I've always envied my friends who'll be balik kampung during raya. Being raised by my grandparents, there's no need for any balik kampung anymore since I am already there. But now, I'd prefer it very much if things are like they've used to be. No more packing up, no more long hours of driving & no more hassles of balik kampung. It only sounded nice but the truth is not even close.

This was how the Karak highway looks like that Friday afternoon......pretty cool, huh !

Anyway, I'm considered lucky for never been stranded in the traffic for balik kampung trip. I've heard horror stories from lots of people about how painful it is to be stuck in the jam for 7 - 8 hours, especially those who are travelling to the north. It is even painful to those who have babies & small kids with them. As an adult itself it is already so unbearable, let alone those kids who dont even understand why they have to be in the car for such a long hours.

Reached Kuantan in less than 2 hours......yippieeee !!

This year, thanks to my lucky stars again. The journey to Kuantan was fairly smooth as the traffic is not that heavy at all - though last night was quite bad, I heard. I was praying very-very hard since yesterday coz getting myself stuck in the traffic was the last thing I've ever wanted.


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