01 March 2010

Men & Lying

Everybody lies, be it men or women. But there are a big difference in the lies women and men tell. When women lie, it'll be the whitest lie. Sometimes we lied just to make others feel better - such as the woman who tells her hostess that dinner is "simply delicious" even as she cringes with every mouthful.

Men however seem to lie about everything, sometimes over really, really stupid things. Lying has becoming too synonym with them. They have definitely mastered the art of lying. It's like in their blood which makes them so damn good at it. It almost seems to come naturally to them.

Sometimes, the lies are just so ridiculous - you can definitely get a good laugh out of them. But, as dumb as their lies might be - some women do fall for it. And that's why they keep trying their luck with lousy lies. When a man says, "you are the most beautiful woman I've met," - do you really believe him?? You'd like to and its good to hear - but more often than not, they don't really mean it - especially if their ultimate intention is to get into your pants. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if sex turned out to be the number one reason for lying among men.

Last night a fren of mine, a man lied to me. Oh yeah....tell me something new kan ? I was watching this movie The Departed which was by the way. a very good one ( the movie won 4 Academy Awards in 2007 ). It was a suspense thriller about an undercover cop who has to work with the mobsters. As the suspense grew, I texted that friend of mine (whom recommended me to watch this movie) to ask him whether that undercover cop will make it through at the end of the movie. His answer was yes, he will.

To my surprise, he lied. That cop didnt make it through somehow - he got shot & died. I was really shocked since it didnt go as per what i expect it to be. I just cant believe that he just lied to me. Feeling very disappointed, I immediately turn off the TV. What happened really pissed me off.

What makes it worse is that, he dont even bother to apologize to me. It is as if he did nothing wrong. He kept on telling me that had he told me the truth, he'll spoiled the story. He's missing out the point totally. He keeps on blabbing about the movie, that I should finish it la, good movie should have unpredictable ending la, blah blah blah - & totally forgetting the fact that he lied. If he doesnt wanna spoil the movie for me, just tell me so then. Why lied? Duhhhhhh !!!!

This is what I meant with men & lying. They are just doing it for fun without having a slightest guilt. On the other hand, that fren of mine might say that I am being childish. Making a big fuss out of such a tiny issue. Yes, it's not that big of a deal.....that guy is not really dead anyway. But that's how it started - with just a small, tiny lies. When you have the option to tell the truth, why choose to lie?

Another thing, have the courage to drop that male ego at least a bit. Instead of going back & forth trying very hard to defend yourself, just say sorry. It wont make you any less of a man.


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