07 March 2010

Murtabak Mengkasar @ KL

I've heard so much ( so far, they are all good stories ) about this popular murtabak but never got the chance to try it until recently. Murtabak Mengkasar is said to be the favourite among the Pahang royalties and all. It's so good that it's popularity goes beyond the border of that royal town of Pahang.

Though Pekan is only 50 km away from my hometown, Kuantan and though a few attempts have been made to visit this infamous murtabak stall, yet it's still to no avail. What my fren wrote in her FB status a few weeks ago has somehow gave my dying hope (over the murtabak) a sense of life, finally.

Murtabak Mengkasar has spread their wing to KL where their first branch was opened in Sri Rampai approximately 6 months ago. This is an absolutely a good news to all of their fans in KL as they no longer have to travel for 3 hours to satisfy their appetite. It is indeed a good news for me too who has been salivating long enuff for the taste of it.

Last Friday night was the day where my waiting was finally over. Jamie, K.Mimi & myself have make a date to have murtabak Mengkasar as our dinner that night. We were later joined by other Pahang-ians except for Izah & her family who were later nicknamed "City Girl" by one of us....hehehehe.

There are 2 types of murtabak served - chicken & beef of which can either be a standard or special. Special would means more meat & eggs. Besides the murtabak, they also have the plain roti canai. A piece of murtabak is quite a lot for one person, I would say - unless you're a big eater or you're really hungry.

Taste wise, personally I like it. Though it's thick & full with meat & egg, it doesnt leaves you feeling queasy. In fact, you might eat more than you thought you could. A piece of the standard murtabak is RM 6 and the special ones is RM 8/pc. According to K.Mimi, these prices are RM1 more than those sold in Pekan, Pahang which is more than reasonable as compared to the petrol price to drive all the way there.

Being there with other Pahang-ians, eating Pahang-originated murtabak and speaking the Pahang dialect, makes me forget for a moment that I'm actually still in KL. But to be in KL & being able to communicate in Pahang dialect was not only awesome but a relief too. The only time I got to use my own dialect is when I'm back to my hometown which is like 4 - 6 times a year the most. So, when there's an opportunity to use that language in KL, it just feel great - makes me feel like home !

With the owner of the restaurant, Hj. Ahmad Tajudin

Anyway, thanks a lot to everybody who were present that day. We did have fun that night - the Pahang way, of course. Specially to Man, thanks for settling the bills for us - you're so kind !


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