14 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland

As promised, I took Marsya to watch this movie yesterday evening. She actually wanted me to take her for the 3D show but regretfully, I've to say no. 3D movie is something I cant tolerate. Not me actually, it's my eyes or rather my kampung head. The images that keep on popping out from the screen is something I just couldnt handle. It leaves me with a very uneasy feelings. I'll be very uncomfortable & feeling very disturbed watching a 3D movies. In fact there's one time I cant even see the 3D effect which left me feeling very disappointed (of course, after paying extra for it). The verdict then, is a no-no for 3D. Call me kampung or ulu if you want but watching movie is supposed to be something fun and 3D movies are obviously defying that purpose for me.

Alice In Wonderland is overall an okay movie - for an adult like me. The children would definitely love it. It was a very lovely movie - wonderfully imaginative, I would say. Everything in the movie is beautiful - even the horrid big headed Red Queen still looks pleasant. It's like watching a cartoon with humans in it. The movie is filled with lots and lots of beautifully colourful things & backgrounds. Otherwise, they wouldnt have called it "Wonderland", isnt it?

At the beginning of the story, I was a bit confused seeing Alice so grown up. The Alice that I've read is a lot more younger than the one in the movie. Only after an hour watching it I understand what's going on - why is Alice no longer a small girl she used to be as in the story book. Anyway, I really hate spoilers, hence I better stop blabbering out the whole story.

Johnny Depp is as cute as he is in Edward Scissorhands or Willy Wonka in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. This time in this movie, he is called Hatter. I cant think of any other actor that would do the job better than him. Not only he's cute, he is perhaps one of the most versatile actors around.

Going to the movie is indeed a great family activity.To all parents out there, take the opportunity of this school holiday to bring your kids to watch this movie. I'm sure both you & your kids are gonna love it !


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