03 March 2010

We're Not Desperados Like You

I'm pissed again & yes, it's about guys.....again! Tell me how can I not being skeptical towards them? How can I not hate dislike these species? It's just so impossible for them to think with the right "head". It's always the other "head" they preferred using. That's the thing!

Being brainless is one thing....immature is another thing. Men can never grew up....they just cant. They can be as old as 80 years but their brain can never developed. If so, we wouldnt have heard an 80 year old grandfather being arrested for rape......his very own grandchild, for crying out loud ! Have you ever heard the same news happening to a 80 year old granny? I bet you wont ! You will never, that's for sure. The only stories you may hear or even heard of are about an 80 year granny finishing a marathon...... or getting her doctorate...... or marrying a 25 year old chap! That's how classy we are as compared to the other species.

Guys have a lot to catch up to be at the same level as us, women. And frankly, I dont think they'll ever catch up. So far, they only have their ego to be proud of - that super duper huge ego in their head. Plus that extra brainless head ( same goes to the other head ) of theirs. That's about it as far as guys are concerned.

Sex is their only desire - the ultimate one it seems. Well, I dont really care of that particular obsession of theirs actually. My only concern here is that, why assume the same thing applies to us women? Hello....we're not that pathetic okay. We have so many other things in our head & sex would definitely be the last one, if any. We have to think of which clothes we're gonna use tomorrow, which handbag & shoes to match it with, which accessories to put on, what to cook for breakfast etc.......we'll be too busy to even have the time to think about sex !

This thing with guys, the moment they discovered the "single mother" status, they'll become hyper excited. In their head, all single mums are always desperate for sex. It's like we dont have other things in our mind except for sex, sex and more sex. It's like as if we'll jump into a guy the moment we saw one. It's like we'll do anything just to get laid.

This is the problem I frequently faced with guys. Like this morning for instant. An old, old friend of mine whom I never spoke with before except for a mere smile everyt ime we stumbled into each other - just added me in FB. For the first time ever, we chatted - virtually. Only after a few questions, he could actually asked me whether I'm an open minded person. I hate this question - really hated it. Coz I knew what would the next question be if my answer to it is a yes. They'll then asked you whether you missed the love, caress & touches. And suddenly, for all you know they'll be asking you whether you wanna get laid. Watta ????

These are not 16 or 17 year old boys I'm referring to. These are 40 - 50 year old man, for God's sake! I really dont understand how can a grown up men acting so foolishly like this? It fascinates me sometimes thinking of how stupid they can be. If all these are not my own experience, I might thought that people are just making up stories. So illogical yet so true !

Okay, maybe there are some single mums who are like that - the desperados. But just becoz a few of them are like that, it's not fair to assume everybody else are the same too. Some of us, or maybe most of us still have our pride & self-respect. We dont sleep around as most of you guys do. Single mums are still human & they deserved the same respect as others. Dont misjudge them - it's not fair & very, very mean.

Another advise to all men out there ....learn some communication etiquette, will you. There are ways to communicate with ladies especially those you barely knew. There are questions you can asked & questions you cant. And most importantly, being an open minded doesnt mean you have to be a pervert !


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