09 March 2010

My Unfullfilled Desire

I'm planning to write this entry 2 days ago but got a lil bit tied up with work - well, appraisal is coming up. Spent the whole evening yesterday going through it. Anyway, it was a good one & I'm quite pleased with it :-)

So, which desire of mine that has to die this time? Hehehe..... though I'm kind of giggling at the beginning of this sentence, the truth is I'm crying inside....huhuhu. For the past two days I've been mourning over this one particular desire of mine. It's so near yet too far for my hand to reach. And therefore, I am indeed very, very sad & frustrated.

It all started with my normal KLCC trip 2 days ago - with no specific reason whatsoever. Being a normal woman, I just love being surrounded with shops. Not any kind of shops though but more of those shops related to women, of course. It feels like a guy being swarmed by hot sexy chicks around them. Makes me feeling very fresh & rejuvenate.

So, it's a blessed ( or is it a curse actually? ) for me to be working in UOA as it's located right in the middle of 2 of the most happening shopping malls in town - Suria KLCC & Pavilion. Hence, it'll be either one of these two malls every alternate days. If you'd asked me which one I preferred best between these two, I simply cant choose. Both malls are pretty much the same actually. What ever you'll see in KLCC, most probably you'll get it in Pavilion too. Both have their own specialties that you simply cant compare.

Anyway, while wandering aimlessly in KLCC that day, we decided to stop by at Marks & Spencer. Apparently that happened to be a not-so-wise of a decision. It's the start of all woes & miseries it seems.

I fell in love with one of Marks & Spencer's tops. It's a 3-pc tops, very funky & casual. The best things about this tops is that, I look damn gorgeous in it. Frankly, not only gorgeous but sexy too..... hehehe. I really like it so much. So, so very much that I've actually dreamt of it. Cant get it out of my mind since I laid my eyes on it.

Sadly, I cant make my dream comes true. Definitely not this particular one ( plus a couple millions of my other dreams including being Edward Cullen & SRK's girl, for instant ). It's too pricey for me - RM 259 to be exact. Crazy huh? Nothing so fancy about the material - just that normal t-shirt cloth with no bling-bling, sequins or whatsoever. But then, it's the name that counts. It's that Mark & Spencer brand sewn on it makes up the price. I would have grab it instantly if it's RM100 lesser ~ huge sigh ~

Anyway, that's about it. I'm not gonna burn a big hole in my pocket for something not worth the price. Not that I dont have any other clothes to wear kan? The most, I'll have it in my mind for the next 2-3 days. Having to wear it for 1-2 minutes in the fitting room is already a blessing for me. And having my picture taken while wearing it is indeed an ultimate blessing nobody could ever deny. I couldnt have asked for more, couldnt I?


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