13 March 2010

The Celibacy Club

Didnt write much this week. Reason? Busy, of course. With what? Work? Ironically, yes I'm busy with work. I swear I felt a tickle in my tummy having to say that. It indeed felt funny admitting it's my work that has tied both of my hands from updating this humble bloghis of mine. Coz most of the time, I would always find time to do it in between my busy schedules. I guess this is just one of those days - those days that you just dont feel like writing.

Anyway, for the 2nd consecutive week I'm having our Friday girls' night out with the other members of the so called Celibacy Club - with Marsya being the youngest member....... for now. The venue this time was Ampang Jaya food court. The start of the event doesnt goes that well or as planned as K.Mimi decided to make it more livelier.....hehehe. She was supposed to meet up with us at Jamie's house but she somehow forgotten that she's actually in KL (and not in Pekan), which she would need more than an hour to get from one place to another during peak hours, especially on Friday night.

So, after a few rounds of confusing conversations, we managed to get her on the right track. And with that, Marsya was the happiest person as she finally got to had her dinner after having to tolerate her hunger for the past one hour or so. The original plan was having satay for dinner which brought us there to Ampang Jaya. But Marsya's tummy seems to be too empty for just a satay. So we end up having other varieties too like rice, soup & vege.

Food was good & everybody were happy. But the togetherness was far more better. Though it's only a week since the last time we met, but the way we talked as if we havent met for ages. There's always things to talk about, spicy stories to be sparked with, jokes to laugh at & experience to share. And the best is of course bitching about guys. Nothing beats that ! Though I did the same thing every other day at the office with Carol, the excitement just couldnt die and I'm quite certain it'll never be.

Anyway girls, I really enjoyed our outings so much & therefore we should do this more often. Thanks to K.Mimi for starting it out for us. And Jamie, thanks for tagging along. We indeed had lots of fun together except those few guilty moments when Marsya started to fall asleep on her chair......hehehe. Obviously our conversation was not interesting enuff to keep her awake.

I hope we would continue doing this unless one of us decided to end their celibacy life..... :-P. I'm really looking forward to be meeting with you gals in the weeks to come. As for Marsya, she might not like to hang out with the oldies but she doesnt really have a choice, doesnt she?


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