19 March 2010

Up In The Air

By now, I'm sure most of my loyal readers have been wondering (some might be cursing too) as to why I've not been updating my blog. I'm lucky enuff not to receive any sms from K.Mimi asking me what's been happening.....hehehe.

I didnt mean to desert my blog & leaving my readers feeling disappointed. It's just that I've been terribly busy at the office this week. Last two days, I left the office @ 9 pm trying to finish as much work as I could. I thought of staying a little bit longer but my brain is too saturated that it refused to function properly anymore.

As I'm writing this entry, I'm @ KLIA, waiting for flight MH066 to Korea. Yup, that's why I've been too busy this week. With 2 datelines to meet & making all those necessary arrangements for my Korea trip had really drained me up.

I was supposed to go there last week but due to the school holiday, all flights to Seoul have been fully booked till mid week. I didnt know Seoul is that popular among Malaysians & I also didnt know there are so many wealthy parents out there that would opt for an oversea holidays. I would prefer it very much to travel during school holidays as it would give me peace of mind knowing that Marsya wouldnt be at school.

In my case now, not only Marsya feeling devastated knowing that I wouldnt be around to help her with her homework, I, myself felt bad too for troubling my mum. It would be much easier if it's a school holiday as my mum wouldnt have to travel all the way from Kuantan to look after Marsya during my absence.

On top of that, I'm supposed to be in Putrajaya this weekend for the International Hot Air Balloon Festivals. Looking at the balloon pics in today's paper really killed me. I was so looking forward to be there to fulfill my dreams of riding the hot air balloon ~ sigh ~. I guess I have to wait for another 12 months to finally make this dream comes true ~ another sigh ~

I really have to make this trip worth while for all the things I've missed & sacrifices made by my mum & my princess. It's the end of winter there in Seoul where the temperature is between 0 - 6 Deg C. Here I am in KLIA, sneezing for God knows how many times already when the temperature is not even 10 Deg. C. I hate winter so much & I've been praying very hard not to fell sick while I'm there. Good luck to me then !


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