24 March 2010

FB No More

Good things are hard to come by. And when they do, they sometimes don’t stay forever. So, it’s always good to be grateful with what we’ve been blessed for. Never complaint for the things we didnt own, instead be gracious for everything we possessed.

Today, one of my pleasure has been taken away. I cant lie by saying I’m not disappointed it happened. Obviously I would be feeling very frustrated when I can no longer enjoy the same privilege anymore……huhuhu.

This morning I had a mild “heart attack” when the below screen appeared when I click the Facebook bookmark button in my browser. It says : The Content Has Been Blocked! If you determine that this URL has a specific business purpose, please click the link to request to access URL Request Link and CC your manager for approval of access.

I’m not that a big of a fan to FB – unlike certain people who really cant live without it. I would rather call myself as the “social member” of FB where I would once in a while peek in to check my fren’s latest status or pics. But then knowing that I wont be able to do it anymore does give an impact to me.

I’m sure I’m not the only person in Dresser’s organization who’s having the same shock. This has been an ultimate shock for the entire Asia Pacific region. All I know, our USA counterparts have been envying us for being able to log in to Facebook during office hours coz theirs have been blocked for God knows how long already.

Well now, we’re equal. No more facebook-ing for the Dresser’s staff globally. To all 7000 of Dresser’s employees across the globe, my condolences to you guys, particularly to the Asia Pac. team. I feel you my friends…….I seriously do !

So, if I were to request for the access, I wonder what should I put as a justification to such request. The key word here is “specific business purpose”. Let’s see what can I trash out from this old brain of mine to come up with a list of reasons in the name of a “business purpose” …..

  1. I need to establish my networking with the rest of the world in order to expand my contact list & customer database, which at the same time would introduce Dresser to the eyes of millions of FB users. Aint that great?
  2. FB is a very good virtual marketing tools as we dont even have to leave the office to do sales & marketing for the company. Marketing & application work can be done simultaneously thus saving a lot of company’s time.
  3. Doing sales & marketing through FB networking could save a lot of money for the company. Through FB, communications can be done not only within Asia Pacific region but also as far as North Pole – with no extra cost whatsoever!
  4. Playing games in FB has been proven to be a catalyst for increasing the work performance rate. The skills acquired through the games has indeed increased one's responsiveness ability, impact reaction & level of alert which in turn could be applied to the working environment.
  5. Last but not least, FB without a doubt would create a smarter society within any organization. A smart brain is originated from a happy heart which would stimulate more intelligent enzyme for the brain, thus resulting with a smarter person. Otherwise there wouldnt be a saying that sounds like this : “All work & no play will make Jack a dull boy!” – isnt it?

So, that’s it – my 5 best & genuine reasons as to why FB should be allowed in the office. Asked everybody in your office, I’m sure they all in the same terms with me. Except those who didnt have an account with FB or worse still, never heard of FB before. Tak kenal maka tak cinta, kan?

Anyway, I’m still grateful that they didnt block Blogger at the same time. It’ll be worse if they did that. I wont be having mild heart attack anymore if Blogger is blocked – I’d definitely had a stroke ! Nauzubillah !


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