26 March 2010


Damn it ! Damn it ! Damn it ! No matter how much cursing & swearing I blurted, it still doesnt make up to the frustration I had in me at the moment. Okay, I felt some disappointment 2 days ago upon discovering that FB website has been blocked by the management. Honestly, that is nothing as compared to the distress I’m feeling right now.

While in Korea this whole week, I didnt bother checking out new releases from my favourite movie site, knowing there’s no internet connection available anyway. This morning however, I simply make a casual visit to the website – thought of just browsing through for some inspirations.

To my surprise, that website too has been blocked. Not only that, Ares is also in the list ! OMG!!! I was so shocked, I felt like crying. I have my Heroes Season 3 in the line, 87% completed in Ares, for crying out loud! Thank God I have all the 13 episodes of Glee in my possession already.

This is really a disaster – an ultimate nerve-racking situation for me. Not enuff it’s the coldest day ( mind you, it’s 0 deg. C today) of the week, I’ve been further shattered by this finding. Even the news I got yesterday about our bonus being cut into half this year , didnt upset me this much.

I was in a state of panic realizing the fact that I wont be able to download movies anymore in the office. I shuddered in despair - it’s like the whole world just collapsed on me. Honestly, downloading movies has been the primary motivational factor for me to be presence in the office every day – apart from blogging & meeting up with my BFFs. It may sounds unethical but then I didnt see any harm in doing so – all deadlines are still met & all valves are still sized. In fact, it’s something that awaken my system every morning which gives me the boost to be in the office every day. But now, how the hell am I supposed to work or even be at work?

As it is, work has never been that interesting – especially having to see that yucky face of my lady boss every morning. Those without a strong stomach, would definitely throw up looking at her face – very nauseating indeed, trust me ! Imagine this…… waking up in the morning after an 8 hours of sleep (with God knows what she did the night before), with no morning shower but a mere sprinkle of water to the face……and you’re saying I’m exaggerating, huh?

Downloading movies from the net has been one of the great pleasures of my life recently – it gives me a sense of satisfaction & happiness every time I finished downloading a movie. It might not be such a big deal but to me, it means I’ve accomplished something. I’ve always told Carol of my intention to download as many movies as possible so that I have enuff collections for my retirement years – oh yesssss, I AM that ambitious. I guess the plan will have to be put on hold due to this halt.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way. I’m sure I’ll end up with something to bring back this happiness in my life. By hook or by crook, it need to be done !


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