15 March 2010

Kem Alami @ National Planetarium

Was at the National Planetarium yesterday evening to send Marsya for the Kem Alami. It's like a space camp held by the National Planetarium for school children aged between 10 - 12 years old. It's a 3 days 2 nights event where the kids will be taught & exposed to things like the stars & space of the universe.

Marsya's school was kindof promoting this event where they were giving out forms to the school pupil. It was a bit too late when Marsya finds out about it where all the application forms are already taken. The teacher then suggested her to directly get the form Planetarium. That's how I knew that this is the 3rd year they're having the said event. This camp is however not free but is chargeable @ a very minimum cost i.e. RM45 only. For a 3 days 2 nights events plus food, T-Shirt & certificate, RM45 is really, really cheap.

After the briefing, I left her there with her friends. She was so looking forward to this camp & I could see the happiness shining through her eyes when I left her there with her friends. It's only her mummy who felt a bit down leaving her precious. Not that Marsya never left me and therefore I didnt expect that I would be missing her so much afterward. The house suddenly seems to be very quiet & empty without her presence. And what's left is the mummy crying on her own, missing her daughter very, very much.


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