14 March 2010

Malaysia's 50 Best Blog

Came across this list while blog hopping the other day. All those 50 blogs are selected by this one local magazine called inTrend. Okay, I have to admit that I've never knew the existence of this magazine, let alone reading it. Not that I'm against the local products (tho some of them are really crappy & full with bullshits ) or what. I just dont read magazines anymore - be it local or overseas. With an internet, who needs a magazine ? Internet is far more better coz it's fast, convenient & most importantly, cheaper.

Anyway, back to this best blogs thingy. Going through the list, I noticed this one blog which I honestly feel doesnt belongs to the group. It may be a good blog to resort to when you dont have any other better things to do but the best in Malaysia? Hell no.....dont think so. I've came across other better blogs than that particular "Kasut Merah Jambu" blog especially when it falls in the Fashionistas category.

Fashionista as how the Cambridge Dictionary defines it, is "someone who works in or writes about the fashion industry". For other 9 blogs in the same category, I couldnt agree more. Yes, they do work in or write about fashion but that's not what I see in "Kasut Merah Jambu" blog. Most of the time you'll find her boasting about herself. C'mon, is it that important to line up all your make-up & name all the brands for each & every one of them? In what way she's a fashionista I really dont know. All I know I had difficult times figuring that out. I guess it must be her strong connections with the Nuffnang people that landed her the title - the best & the only logical reason to it.

I love to read blogs & Kasut Merah Jambu is one of the blog that I would stop by once in a while - even before she's been in the top 10 list. There are a big difference between being the best & being popular. Kasut Merah Jambu might be one of the popular blogs around but the best? In my honest opinion, she still got a long way ahead. It's easy to be popular especially in the world we're currently living where there's Facebook, Tweeter, blogs etc. But being the best is something not just anybody could be. It needs more than writing about make-up's brand or shoe collections to place you at that level. There are millions of other blogs out there that are way more better & Kasut Merah Jambu certainly dont deserve the recognition.

Anyway, if anyone of you think that I'm jealous, well I'm not. I didnt even register my blog with Nuffnang - so in short, I'm already disqualified. I really dont like to see all those Nuffnang ads cramming up the tiny little space left in my blog page. I blog simply becoz the passion I have towards it and certainly not seeking for popularity. It may not be the best blog in Malaysia, but it is without a doubt, one of the best thing ever happened to my life.


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