05 March 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Still Single

Being a single mother is undoubtedly not easy & there's no question about that. All decisions are on you and the responsibility can be overwhelming. If you've got children, being married is absolutely better - but not at all costs. Being a single mum is far more better than had to live in a bad marriage, that I'm pretty much very sure of.

Honestly, it is not all that bad being a single mum. I still remember a friend come up to me one day looking tired & haggard, telling me this, “You’re lucky to be single. You don’t have to fight with your husband over the kids.” So, I'm counting my blessings of singledom. There are a few things worth celebrating being a single mum like me. Here are some of them :

1. I get to make all the decisions - with no compromising required. I can response straight away to my child's request without having to consult anybody. I can decide what's to cook or whether to dine in or eat out. And I can even paint my bedroom in bright pink & purple stripes if I want to.

2. I get to be the Financial Minister of the house. I might not have the buying power of a two-income couples but at least nobody can tell me what to buy & what not to buy. Even if I decided to get me 2 tops & 2 pairs of jeans in a week (which is a true story btw...heheheh), nobody's gonna nag to my ears all day long !

3. I get every other weekend to myself. It is such a bliss having an uninterrupted afternoon, in my own apartment. Everything I clean, will stay clean. Nothing will moves unless I move them. I dont have to cook. I dont even have to get up from my bed if I dont want to !

4. The kids cant divide and conquer. There's only one of me, so when I say no, there’s no one to appeal to. When I say the word, it's the word. When I call out, "Bedtime," there's no one to say, "Aw, let them stay up another half hour." Veto would be mine.

5. I dont have to take care for another adult. I can lavish all my energy to only one source that is my child with that not-so-much left energy after work. I only have my kid to be concerned about - I don’t have to bloody worry about making my spouse happy, too.

6. No more fighting about who does what. The amount of work to raise a child is already so much. But in fact, the energy it takes to argue over who does what can be far more draining than the task itself. Imagine all the time and effort that goes into figuring out a system of sharing chores, nagging your spouse to fulfill his part of the bargain, resenting him for not doing it, and then figuring out a new system that probably won't work either. I promise you, doing it alone is far easier.

7. I'll have a less stressful home. When two adults of a different sex are put together in a house for a period of time, they are bound to fight with each other. Therefore my home would definitely have less arguing thus less stressful than two parent homes especially to the kids. The only arguing is between me & my daughter, that's all!

8. Although My kid has more opportunities to develop responsibility. Although no one wants their kids to grow up before it is time, as part of a single parent family this is something that would just happened naturally. Kids coming from a single parent family matured faster than their age & would grow into responsible adults.

9. I'll become more confidence in myself. As I learn to make decisions on my own and solve problems, I will develop confidence that I don't need to rely on anyone else to get me through life. And me being able to financially support myself and my kid gives me one hell of a boost to my self-esteem. It makes me feel damn good!

10. I have the closet ALL to myself. With the amount of clothing I own, I seriously need all the closet I could ever have. As it is, I've got my clothes in all closets in each room of my house. Where on earth am I gonna tuck all those if I were to give away just one of those closets. Phewww.....boy, am I relieved !

There you go....10 reasons why it is so difficult for me to let go the luxurious life I am currently having. I'll be so crazy to trade in this heavenly life of mine just to live in hell, isnt it?


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