13 March 2010

Love Is Life

Just finished reading my BFF's blog where she was expressing her loves to her hubby in her latest entry. All I can say is that she's a very lucky woman - the luckiest I've ever known. Reading her love story makes me envied her even more. But I'm happy for her & am wishing her all the best in life.

After reading that particular entry of hers, I realize that I dont actually have any love story that I could tell. All of my love stories are those depressing kindof stories which would only makes the reader wanna kill themselves after reading them. No point telling a story that you're sure would end up with disaster, right?

But being a romantic person I am, love stories have always been my choice. Sophie Kinsella's, Cecilia Ahern's & the latest, Stephanie Meyer's are stories that I've always love to read. Romantic comedy films like Jerry Maguire, Titanic, Sleepless In Seattle are always my first choice. Hindi movies are forever my favourite for their happy ending love stories. Though I'm very much aware that none of these stories I've read or seen would ever happened to me, I'd still love getting myself immersed in it.

It give me some sense of happiness that makes me smile all day. They are like the happy hormones for my numb heart. I'll be walking on cloud nine as if it was me who had fell in love. I'll lying on my bed, eyes closed while hugging the pillow with the sweetest smile on my face. Call me crazy but that's how I'd be every time I finished reading or watching any romantic love stories. I just love the after-effect of it. It makes me...........alive.

I guess I'm destined to be an imaginary lover rather than the real ones - which I dont really mind actually. At least I know, I wont get hurt anymore. To get hurt again is the last thing I would ever want - it's just so unbearable. It hurts like hell !

Love is 10% pleasure and 90% pain as how I see it. So, at the moment, I'll settle down with Edward Cullen & SRK as my imaginary lovers. So far, they've been very, very good & the chances of me getting hurt is next to never. I sound pathetic, dont I? Pathetic or not, that's how it is !


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