20 March 2010

Sleepless In Seoul

Touched down Incheon Airport @ 6.30 am. The flight was ok - got the front seat for the first time ever. What I like about the front seat is because of the ample space in front where you could stretch out your feet as far as possible.

The whole journey took about 6 hours. 6 dreadful hours for me - thank God for the front seat though. Otherwise, things could be even worse. One thing I hate about traveling by planes (besides the waiting hours, of course) is that I just couldnt possibly sleep. As it is, I sometimes had problems sleeping on my own bed, let alone on that cramped seat of an airplane.

Imagine, the flight took off @ 11.30 pm. From that moment itself, I've been trying very, very hard to sleep. The thing is, I am indeed very sleepy - been yawning and yawning till tears coming out from my eyes. But why on earth I still couldnt sleep is something I just couldnt figure out.

The view from my hotel room

At about 3.30 am, I've lost hope & decided to take the Actifed - the flu pills that would easily knock me down. It did gave that effect on me where I was feeling very high and I could feel my soul slowly drifting out from my body. Unfortunately, the timing was really bad. By 4 am, the flight attendants started serving breakfast to the passengers. Imagine, having breakfast at 4 am in the morning - who in their right minds would do that
? Well, the Koreans are!

Everybody in the plane were suddenly very busy - the stewardess were busy giving out the food while the rest are of course, busy eating. As for me, there goes my sleeping attempt. My soul apparently had to rush back to my body as the noise and the smell of the food didnt help much...... huhuhu.

With one of the hotel's staff where I was half asleep, half awake

The only sleep I had is on the Limousine Bus on my way from the airport to Rennaisance Hotel in Gangnam-do district, which took only an hour or so. How I'd wish the hotel is much, much more further so that I could have more sleep to re-energize my dying power. That one hour sleep seems like the best sleep I ever had. The terms 'sleeps like a baby' really suits the way I slept at that time.


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