07 August 2008

Bloody Sickening !!

Felt so heartbroken today. Sakit sangat hati ! Guys just couldnt use their brains sometimes...... or maybe they dont even have any. That's more logical - they just dont have any brains ! It's either filled with air or just vacuum. Otherwise they wont be doing all those stupid things guys normally do, right !
Just one short sms.....not two...not three.....just one. And even that he cant simply do. When I called, he didnt answer. He told me earlier, that he would call me once he's done with his work. There I am waiting for his call the whole fucking day - like a fool. Well, he can always send me sms telling me that he's stucked with something right? He could have done that but he choose not to. Simply because he's so tensed & depressed.......and I'm supposed to understand his situation. So, what about mine then?
See, this is the problem with guys. They just cant think with the upper head. I am sure the world would be a better world to live in if only these creatures start using the right head to think !

1 comment:

  1. salam...hehehe...seronok i post comment ni for the 3rd time i think..but i dont know for sure whether you bother to read it or probably you dont give a damn about it..

    woman will be woman..all they care is their feelings.tak peduli langsung tentang keperitan pasangan mereka..cuba la bawa2 BERISTIGHFAR BANYAK2..walau pun comment ini dah ketinggalan untuk dibaca tetapi cuba la ambil pengajaran..please stop cursing and bickering..for heaven sake.. think positive la sikit..cakap sayang..baru sikit dah melayang..see how RAPUH is your sayang...

    and one more thing i hate about you.
    abg..intan rasa abg dah sayang intan..abg dah kurang sayang intan..blah blah..
    and i hate you for that..i guess you yourself dont know what love is..wallahualam