13 August 2008

Lunch @ Saisaki

Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant - one of my favourite restaurant in town. One thing I love about this place is the wide variety of food they offered. It's humongous...swear to God! So far, been there for at least 6-7 times already but still couldn't eat all of their food. Well, being a small eater like me might be one of the reason too. Wished I could eat more....

Went there to celebrate Abang's birthday & I'm glad he enjoys the food very much. As for me, obviously I enjoy the food...otherwise it wont be my favaourite makan place, isn't it? Well, their salmons are to die for - the raw ones of course! It is so fresh & juicy....bloody yummy! So is their miso soup especially if you put lots of beancurd & sea weeds in it. I could still taste the scrumptiousness (is there such a word?? what the heck !) of the soup sliding into my mouth.....heaven! Truly heaven ! Besides those two, the soy beans are also nice as an appetizer. These beans reminds me of my trip to Tokyo a few years ago. If it's not becoz of these soy beans, me & Ija would have starved to death already.

Other than the soup, salmon & beans, among other favourite dish of mine would be the steamed cod's head (for it's soft & sweet bones), clams (for the spicyness of the soup - they put cili padi in it) and Kosaki (it's actually pucuk paku......didnt know Japs eat pucuk paku). These are the must-eat dishes everytime I visit the place. Then if there's still some space available in my tummy, I'll go for the rest.

Considering the food varieties & quality, it's worth the money to have your dinner / lunch there - highly recommended. The lunch would be RM40++ and dinnner is RM50++. It may sounds a lot but trust me......you wont regret it. In fact, you'd wanna come back !


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