05 August 2008

My Favourite Pic.

Today at the office, everybody are busy filling in the Leadership Profile Form as today is the last day of submission. Biasalah.....dah nak terberak, baru lah sibuk nak cari toilet. Anyway, that's not the point of me writing this post. It is so co-incidently that I brought my new Canon IXUS 860 IS camera to work today. So everybody wants their photo to be taken since we have to paste our photos in that form too.

Since I've always liked to be photographed, also menyelit-nyelit lah. So I've asked Carol to snap a photo of me using the Colour Assist feature, which allows you choose only one colour to be visible while the rest are in black n white...cool huh ! That's why I love my Canon IXUS 860 IS camera!

So, this is the photo which I've asked Carol to take using that particular feature. Anyway, she had to snap at least 5 - 6 shots before getting this best shot.....it's not my mistake though. I always look pretty.....it must be Carol's skill then. Hehehehe......


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