10 August 2008

Nasi Dagang - My First Encounter

Been wanting to cook Nasi Dagang for quite a while - it's just that I dont have the confident to cook the rice. The rice need to be steamed rather than cooking it as the normal rice. Well that seems to be the scary part.

After asking my maid not to fast today (she've been fasting the whole week last week - trying to loose some weight), I open up my recipe book & start preparing the ingredients for my Nasi Dagang. I started cooking the garvy first which consist of Ikan Tongkol (that were cooked one nite earlier), special Nasi Dagang spices (which I bought in Terengganu a few months ago), coconut milk, chillies etc. Done with the gravy, came the scary part which is the rice itself. Well, I'm happily announcing it here that I passed with flying colours. I did well with the rice...thank you God !

I'm so glad I finally manage to cook the Nasi Dagang on my own. Seen mum cooked it but never actually tried it myself. Everybody enjoyed my Nasi Dagang including my dear Princess. She's always been my strong supporter in whatever I do. Thanks dear ! Love you so much !

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  1. lucky to be the last customer to savor ur lovely nasi dagang at 2100hrs..it was cool..taste the same if not better than the one we ate at kuantan few months back..if u remember..