14 August 2008

Cool Sembonia Sandal

Went to KLCC after work today with Carol. The main purpose is to have a look at this cool brown handbag that Carol intend to buy. Our destination is Isetan which is currently having a sale in conjunction with the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. It started when I told Carol about this Carlo Rino travelling bag I saw in Ampang Point. Hearing this, Carol told me about her brown handbag & suggested me to go to Isetan with her and check out that Carlo Rino bag since they're now on sale.

I really fell in love with that Carlo Rino bag - it has been in my mind ever since I laid my eyes on it about 2 weeks ago. The travelling bag that I have at the moment is so very old already and it's high time for me to get a new one ( as usual looking for justification....... hehehehe ). The only setback is of course, the price. It is RM150 which I think is a lil' bit expensive considering that I wont be using it that frequent. But the bag is too cool to be forgotten......arrgghhhh !!!

So, there we were in Isetan, KLCC looking for our bags. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately? ) my bag is not there. They do sell Carlo Rino bags but only the handbags. Carol bought that brown bag she've been eyeing for god knows how many days. While waiting for Carol to pay, I lingered around the place. Suddenly my eyes was glued on this nice brown sandal on the shelve. I've been looking for a brown sandal for ages.....this is just so cool. The best part is the discount offered for the sandal which is 70%, resulting in an incredibly low price of RM26.70. Such a great deal for a Sembonia sandal, huh. I would be very stupid to let go the offer, wouldn't I? Without any hesitation, I quickly grab the shoe & head straight to the cashier.

Smile was all over my face then. I was so happy with the sandal.....I felt great everytime I bought something branded with a dirt cheap price. The feeling is like winning a lottery, (even though I never won any ) but I'm very sure the feeling is so exhilarating and that's exactly how I felt that very moment.


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