23 August 2008

Istana Seri Menanti

Went to visit Istana Seri Menanti today with Ded1. He's been trying to make me go there with him for so many times already but I'm just not interested. C'mon.....I've never ever heard of the place before & I'm sure there's no shopping malls there that would excite me. Anyway, since it has been quite a boring day for me today, I've decided to say yes this time.

We took off quite late already - approximately 3 pm. At a speed of 80 km/hr, it took us about 1.5 hrs to get there. The journey is quite calming since we've to drive thru the quiet kampung area with lots of trees at both sides of the road.

It was 5 pm when we reached the so called "istana". I'm quite impressed when I first saw the palace. Set in a a quiet green valley and surrounded by padi fields and forest, the palace looks stunningly beautiful! Maybe because I've always loved wooden houses. Their so unique and classy. Staying in a wooden house in a real kampung has always been my dreams...... hope it'll came true some day, insyallah.

Right in front of the palace, is a garden with great landscape. This garden actually makes the whole place so warm & restful. The view from the palace is simply amazing & breathtaking. I really love the environment there - the kindof place I wanna grow old at. I owe this to Ded1 for dragging me here. Thanks mate !


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