11 August 2008

Just Another Boring Monday

It's Monday again....urgghhhh. Hate Monday - I'm sure everybody else too. Today, I've decided to make my blog public. It could be fun sharing it with all my frens, I supposed. Just an update of what's happening around me especially to those frens of mine in Kuantan. Anyway, to do so, I need to re-adjust a few postings from this blog. I need to remove some of my personal postings out.....bahayaaaa! So, I end up spending my boring Monday morning refurbishing my blog. Well, at least I did something useful, if it's not for the company, it's useful enuff for the community, isnt it? Or should i say it....doing some community work. That definately sounds much better !

Anyway, got a new job today. Since I'm quite free, Zhopa ask me to lend a helping hand to Carol. I've been given one of Carol's project to handle that is the Su Tu Den Northeast Development Project. I'm cool with it. Anyway there are only 19 valves in it. I intent to start reviewing it this afternoon...ermmm...like now. Oopppssss !!

Before I forget, Pell gimme a call this morning - asking me to watch the Video he just uploaded in YouTube. The video is for their re-union dinner last saturday - Hells Engine Forever. He's quite cool in those videos - singing & dancing. Cool enuff for a 47 year old guy. Well done bro !


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