18 August 2008

Scary !!!

Marsya wrote this. Can you imagine that?? At 9 years of age, she could actually list down the criteria for her so called "true love"? Come to think of it, I dont really know how to react - should i be laughing (coz it's quite funny though) or should I be scared (it is rather scary too). At this age she can actually come up with something like this...imagine how would things be in another 10 years time....now i'm scared !
When I was at that age, I dont even know how to spell the word "love". Let alone knows what it means. This is the price that we all have to pay for tchnology. Children are so exposed these days. It's both pros & cons....or is it just cons ?? Now I'm really freaked out !

1 comment:

  1. being a mother - it's always scared us when we found out that our kids did things that beyond our thinking.. or maybe we are just being protective.. yup - it is scary thoughts.. but i guess, this is the life challange.