01 August 2008

PC Fair 2008

Didn't actually knew about this PC Fair, not until Carol told me so this morning. She said since I'm currently looking for a camera, i should check it out for the best deal. So, we went there during lunch time - surveying lah. There are lots of stuffs there anyway.... cameras included. Have an eye on this Canon IXUS 860 IS digital camera. According to Carol, she've heard a lot of good reviews about this particular model. I dun really know about all these camera stuffs but this particular camera do look good - very sleek & trendy.

So later that day, i went back to KL Convention Centre to check the camera out. Head straight to the Canon booth, excitedly. After briefly looking thru the camera, without no hesitation I purchase the camera. Felt so great about it. Cant wait to go home to start playing with my new toy.

Anyway, being a compulsive shopper like me, i just cant stop myself from buying other things besides the camera alone. Got myself a laptop bag ..... yes, another one. This is the 4th laptop bag i've owned. I had one backpack, 2 simple ladies executive kindof bags & this new one.....how should i describe it/ It's just a simple plain bag - much smaller than the other 3 bags. That's it - to justify my shopping....this is the simple laptop bag for day to day usage, which i dun actually have yet. See....not that I'm spending my money unnecessarily - there must be a good reason for doing so.....

Speaking of being a compulsive shopper, I was so close to buy a Lexmark printer just because it's cheap. It is a printer cum copier cum scanner cum fax. See...it is a good deal, isnt it? Anyway, I'm glad I manage to escape this time. Otherwise, there goes my RM 175.00. Phewww......another close encounter!


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