02 August 2008

Shopping Again......

It's such a boringgggg day for me today. Abang is fully occupied for the whole day :( aahhh...tention. Did nothing much this morning. Been sleeping most of the time. I would then wake up for 10 - 15 mins & dozed off again. Then wake up..sleep...awake...sleep.... This been going on from morning till the evening, till I got really tired of sleeping already.

In order not to fell asleep again, I decided to go out - took some fresh air. Took my scooter & head off to Ampang Point. I am very much aware of the danger that awaits me there but I just cant keep my butt in the house anymore. Apparently a visit to a shopping mall never fails to excite me.

So, there I am in Ampang Point, desperately trying to escape from my boredness. The first place I stopped at is Guardian - since it's at the ground floor. As usual, eveytime I go to any pharmacies, the cosmetic section has always been sum kindof a magnet to me. I heard about Maybelline's Concealer Stick which is supposed to be good....so, I better check it out then. Fortunately, the colour that I need has run out of stock. Phew....that was so close.....

From Guardian, I proceeded to the 1st floor. Stopped by at Reject Shop. Still, my money stays where they are supposed to be since i dont find anything interesting there. Another great escape for me. From the 1st floor I proceeded to the next floor. Since I've been looking for a pair o brown shoe for quite some time, I think it's best to stop by at Bata then. Well, looks like no brown shoe there could really caught my attention.

Unfortunately...other shoes did. I saw this one pair of silverish cool looking sandal. Ok...let me think for a while. I have a gold coloured sandal.....but silver? Hhhmmm....silver suits most of my outfits more than gold, right? I've found myself a good reason to buy that sandal then. Later, I saw this black shiny handbag on the shelf. Been looking for a weekend / shopping handbag for so long. This could be it then. Morever, the bag is on 50% discounts....definately a good buy. So, I walked out from Bata store, with 2 shopping bags in my hand, feeling happy & satisfied. Both the handbag & sandal cost me RM 160 ( 60 bucks for the sandal & 100 for the handbag ) - not that bad after all since I havent shop anything yet for this month. I have to reward myself with something every end of the month for working so very hard, righttttt ?????


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