22 August 2008

My Wish List

Went to Mid Valley after work today. The weather had been quite unpredictable these few days.....today included. It was still drizzling when I stepped out of the office but that doesn't stop me from going to the mall.......well; nothing could when it comes to going to this one particular place called shopping mall. Hehehe......that's how strong the bondage is between me and the mall !

Luckily the weather is on my side today. The rain almost stopped by the time I reached my destination. Since it's my first time riding my scooter to Mid Valley, I've to make a few turns before I could find the parking spot for bikes. They have quite a spacious area for bikes there in Mid Valley, by the way...which is good.

My trip to Mid Valley was to accompany a fren of mine, Ded1 who wants to buy a watch - the Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision II. It is a very expensive watch, speaking based on my standard. The original price is RM1800. After 25% discount, he got it at RM1300 which is way too expensive for me...I mean, just for a watch.....considering that he already has a few other expensive watches in his collections. Anyway, that's how guys are.....since they don’t really have a lot of other things to spend their money on - unlike we, women. We have to look good from top to toe. Apart from that, we also wants our house to look good.....our cars to look good...our kids to look good.....in fact, we buy things for our hubbies too so that they'll look good. So, it's not that we simply like to shop, right? It's just our nature that loves to see everything around us look nice.

Anyway speaking of shopping, there are 2 things which really caught my attention while I was wandering around the mall just now. The first one is this shiny blue Vincci handbag. I've been looking for a blue handbag for quite sometimes already.....since it's just so difficult to get one. This particular one is so very nice to my eyes - I would say it as "love at first sight". It's too beautiful to resist but thinking of how much money I've spent on shopping this month, I dont think it's wise to get it now. It is certainly a no-no.....not now....not this month. I'm gonna target it for next month.....if it's still available (oohhh...pleaseeee....). The price of the bag is RM 109, which is ok if I didnt buy those shoes & handbags before..... huh..huh...huh......

The other item which is salivating me is this Calvin Klein watch.....damn gorgeous !! It's awesome......superb....incredibly beautiful !!! I dont care if I'm a bit over exaggerating here but it's just too stunning not to be noticed. The original price is RM1,100.00.......after discount, it's RM880.00. At one point, I could hear my heart talking to me......go ahead Intan, just close one eye, the hell with that guilt .....you go girl ....just grab it ! Luckily, I'm still in full control of myself. But, this watch is definitely going into my must-buy list. When it's gonna be mine, I'm not sure but one thing I'm quite sure with is that someday, it's gonna be around my wrist for good.

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  1. canteekkk giler - the watch..
    beli kak oi..jgn tak beli..