21 August 2008

Mourning Day

As the title says, today is indeed a sad day for all facebookers working with D*****r. You know why? D*****r apparently blocked the website - you just cant have an access to it. When you type the address http://www.facebook.com/ , the D*****r website would appear instead. It has been programmed that whenever you try to go to this facebook website, it will somehow re-directed you to the D*****r website.

Carol (and I'm sure a lot of other D*****r's employees too) is so sad today. Upon finding out about this, I quickly check the Blogger website. Phewww!!! Luckily it's still up & running. Otherwise I would be feeling as depressed as Carol :( Cant imagine how it would be not being able to blog......life's gonna be so empty & boring.

As I'm writing this post, I'm signing in to my Yahoo Messenger. To my suprise, the same shit happen to me! Once I'm in, it will automatically signed me out & this message appears.

Fuck !!! Didnt know D*****r would be so lansi like this. C'mon....what's wrong with YM? If they can allow Skype, why not YM then? It's totally the same fucking thing for all I know ! I'm sure those IT people in the states is so damn free that they have the time to do all these mean things. It's either that or they're just being jealous coz they dont have any frens to communicate with either in Facebook or Yahoo Messenger.


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